The various mandates of the Ministry are carried out by our Directorates.

Directorate National Council for Higher Education (NCHE)


  • Coordinate higher education in pursuit of a knowledge-based society.
  • Enhance the relevance and responsiveness of higher education to national development goals.
  • Accredit programmes of higher education institutions and audit higher education institutions.
  • Provide advice on efficient and equitable funding for public higher education.

Directorate Planning and Quality Assurance


  • Coordinate and develop the Ministerial Strategic Plan, Annual Plan, Medium Term Plan, and Performance Agreements, and compile the Accountability Report.
  • Coordinate and implement Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements.
  • Monitor and evaluate Capital Projects and Budget.
  • Planning.

Directorate National Commission for UNESCO


  • Manage relations between Namibia and UNESCO, and ensure that Namibia derives maximum benefits from UNESCO resources and expertise.

Directorate Research and Innovation


  • Ensure that research, science, technology and innovation initiatives are in accordance with national policies and laws.

Directorate Vocational Education and Training


  • Enhance access to vocational skills needed by Industry.
  • Provide financial support to trainees.
  • Ensure relevance of training through industry involvement.

Directorate of General Services  

Mandate of the Subdivision Auxiliary Services:

  • Office maintenance and contract management.
  • Fleet management.
  • Registry services.
  • Procurement of goods and services and stock control.

Mandate of the Subdivision Finance:

  • Maintain prudent financial management.
  • Prepare and execute Ministry’s budget in line with Laws and Regulations governing State Finances.

Mandate of the Subdivision Human Resources:

  • Provide administrative support and advisory services on issues pertaining to human resource management.
  • Manage staff training and development.
  • Ensure rules and regulations are correctly understood, implemented and complied with.

Mandate of the Subdivision ICT Infrastructure and System Administration and Support Services:

  • Provide Information Communication Technology (ICT) services, Systems Administration and networking to all MHETI staff members.